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Running really behind on day #3, so something quick.

sofa ledge OOAK 6

As you can see, our living room is dominated by the bf’s large L-shaped couch.  To add some table room without eating up a lot of floor space, I made a sofa ledge to go behind the couch.  It adds 10ft of ledge, but only takes up six inches of the room. 🙂


After measuring the sofa, length along the wall & height, I headed to the home repair store.  For about $25 I bought two 10ft 2×6’s of the cheap stuff, stain, & some L-brackets.  I had one of the boards cut to four 30in legs.

At home  I stained the wood, then added my legs using the L-brackets.  I used two L-brackets on each side of the legs, except I didn’t use them on the outside ends.  That method did leave it a little wobbly, but since it was wedged between the sofa & the wall it’s not an issue.  A side bonus is the space between the legs left some storage space for narrow things that aren’t used often.  Maybe you have a paperback collection you can’t part with? The guitar you’re going to learn to play someday?  The rackets from the tennis class you took a couple of years ago & haven’t used since, but this summer you really are going to start playing again? (I swear none of those are examples from my own life.)

I took a few pics along the way, so here they are.

sofa ledge OOAK

sofa ledge OOAK 2

On the end legs I used another piece to help line them up with the top piece.

sofa ledge OOAK 3

sofa ledge OOAK 4

The upside down finished product

Our living room being dominated

Our living room being dominated