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So I was back in the kitchen this morning.  When I post about cooking, I always feel the need to explain I don’t cook very much.  I’m not known for my skills in the kitchen, so I am not a cook & this is not a food blog.  However, I put it out there because I know I’m not the only non-cook who dons the metaphorical apron from time to time, & it’s good to know we’re not alone.  We can try knew things, learn from our mistakes & grow.

So when you see a food post on my blog it has not been tested & honed to perfection.  You get me trying something new, & maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, but here we can all learn from my successes & mistakes!


I decided to try the bacon & egg cups again, but this time with a couple of changes.  I used pig bacon & added hash browns.  I was not crazy about the changes, but this was inspired by waking up early & being unable to go back to sleep, so I didn’t do my usual research into what I’m trying to do.

My problem with both of them was not getting done enough.  They were both cooked 7mins before I added the eggs, & then cooked for another 15mins.

As far as the bacon goes, the turkey bacon worked far better in this.  The other bloggers I saw do this used regular bacon though, so this was an issue on my end.  Our bacon is the cheap stuff, fatty, odd cuts.  I think using a better cut of bacon would have helped.

If I try it with traditional bacon again, I’ll microwave the bacon first to cook off some of the fat & crisp it up.  Obviously it still needs to be soft & fatty enough to wrap around the sides of the muffin cups & keep everything from sticking.  But not ending up with pools of grease around the cups & bacon I suspect might be undercooked would be nice.

As for the hash browns, they tasted fine but didn’t get as crisp as I would have liked.  I used frozen hash browns, so I nuked them for 3mins before pressing some into the bottom of each cup & pre-cooking them with the bacon.  Next time I will probably microwave them a little longer, then bake them in the cups until I see a little crust on them.

So that’s what I’ve done today.  How was your morning?

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