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It’s NaNoWriMo, so naturally I’m motivated to bake cookies instead of writing.  But a novelist does need fuel! (I have a NaNo blog for those interested.)

I’ve had this recipe pinned for a while, so decided this was the perfect time to trot it out.  I thought I had all the ingredients, but in-progress I realized I was out of vanilla. *sigh*image

The recipe was super easy to make.  Instead of pressing them flat with the tine marks, I wrapped mine around a few chocolate chips.  Since mine were little bundles instead of flat cookies, I was left more to my own judgement to see when they were done.  I don’t bake much, so this was a scary prospect. After 11mins they didn’t seem quite done yet, but I knew they were getting close, so I turned off the oven & left them in a few more minutes.  When I came back & saw they were getting a bit of a crust to them I took them out.  That worked really well.image

The cookies turned out okay flavor-wise.  I plan to try them again with the vanilla though; I think that would have helped.  They weren’t bad, but they could have used the flavor bump.  I had some canned pumpkin, & considered adding it to the mix but I made a pumpkin dip with it instead.  (I had some wheat thins that needed a friend.)

EDIT: The cookies have gotten better with time.  They tasted a bit better this morning, but they taste much better tonight.  I wish I had more of them 😀


I also could have used more chocolate chips.  I put maybe five or six inside of each cookie.  It seemed like a lot at the time, but after the cookies baked up there wasn’t enough chocolate to make much of a difference.


I had maybe a half cup of leftover pumpkin puree, so I decided to throw together a quick, easy “pumpkin butter”.

I tossed the pumpkin in the blender with maybe a tablespoon of butter-ish (mine was country crock spread), a tablespoon of honey, & a lot of cinnamon & some ginger.  That was it.  It turned out really well.

And because I can’t be in the kitchen without something going wrong, here is the honey bear after I put in the microwave to soften the crystallized honey.image


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