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Having passed the 100 likes mark on Facebook, I am having the promised drawing for my shop. 😀

Here are the goodies!

Drawing Prizes Teaser

1. A pair of custom earrings from my shop.

2. A t-shirt designed just for this contest.

3. One of my triple headbands with braided ties in your choice of up to three colors.

4. … & a $10 gift certificate to my shop (& only MY SHOP.  Etsy is very clear that I must make it very clear to you my gift certificates are only good at my shop.  So don’t try to use them at the liquor store.  It won’t work).  There will also be other random trinkets & candies, of the non-melty variety of course.  It’s in the 90s here, so I won’t be sending out ice cream & chocolates.

Also, I will be drawing for two $5 gift certificates with custom triple headbands.

* In the event one of my male fans wins, alternative prizes can be arrangedThe same goes for people who don’t wear pierced jewelry for religious reasons, or the like.  I want you to have something you can enjoy!

On to the rules!

To enter you must:

  1. Like me on Facebook
  2. Comment on the Facebook post with your favorite item in my shop.
  3. Share the drawing post to your page.

That is your entry & is weighted to earn you five slots in the drawing.  There are ways to earn extra slots if you like.  Each of these earns one extra slot in the drawing.

  1. Favorite my shop on Etsy.  You’ll need to let me know your Etsy name so I can track it.
  2. Favorite an item.  Same as above.
  3. Follow me on Twitter (I’ll need to know your handle).
  4. Pin one of my items to one of your Pinterest boards.  You’ll need to send me a link to the pin.
  5. Follow this blog (there’s an email sign up box near the top of the sidebar on the right.)  I’ll need to know the email or username you sign up under.
  6. Share this contest & my shop on your blog.  Send me a link to the post.

Each of these will get you one entry, but just one.  If you tweet more than one item, you’ll still only get one extra entry, etc.  Make sense?  You can get a maximum of eleven spots in the drawing.

You can comment below with your information, or you can email me the needed information.  If you only do the Facebook entry you don’t need to send me anything else.

You will have through Sunday to finish your entries & send me your info.  On Monday, 8/5, I’ll assign all the entries numbers & use Random.org to pick the winners.

***(ETA: I thought it might be helpful for some of you if I mention I live in the Central time zone in the US.  I’m not worried about any strict Sunday deadline, just wanted to clarify for people living ahead of me.)

Good luck!