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When I found the recipe for the Apple Oven Pancake, I also came across a recipe for Fresh Apple Cake.  Apples, cake mix, & butter – sounded easy enough for even me!



I made a few changes based on the comments & served this to friends at our Deep South Paranormal premiere watching event.  It went over very well.

Based on some grumpy comments on the original post I should point out, this is less a cake, & more a cross between a crumble & a dump cake.  I have wondered how it might have turned out if I’d used more of the cake mix, but that is a cake for another day.

I started off buttering our dish.  Real butter – I’ve decided pan sprays are evil.  I’m tired of the gunk they tend to leave behind. (If anybody knows how to prevent that I’m all ears!)

Next, I let the boyfriend talk me into letting him slice the apples up again.  He either knows how lazy I am, or doesn’t trust me with sharp objects.  Honestly, it could go either way.

Not my arms - I'm way less hairy.

Not my arms – I’m way less hairy.

The thinly sliced apples were layered in our dish.  This dish has about an 8in diameter, & we used about one & a half Jonagold apples.  We are going to use the other half apple & leftover cake mix to try individual apple cakes.

apple cake 4-10-2013 OOAK 2


Then I sprinkled cake mix over them.  I used white instead of yellow, & it was fine.  According to the post & the comments, you can use any fruit & any cake mix.  There was even talk of a sugar-free version using diet sprite instead of butter.

I used less than half the cake mix, even after the bf went behind me & added more cake mix after we had added butter, cinnamon, & brown sugar.

For the butter I melted a stick & the end of a stick leftover after I buttered the dish.  After I poured it over the mix, we added some thin slices of butter to the dry areas.

apple cake 4-10-2013 OOAK 3

Proof I don’t stage my photos or doctor them after. This is real cooking – by someone who doesn’t do a whole lot of it.

We ended up with just a couple of light powdery spots, but they didn’t affect the end result.  As the cake cooled they blended in more.

apple cake 4-10-2013 OOAK 4

Hot apple cake

apple cake 4-10-2013 OOAK 5

Soon-to-be-gone apple cake