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The baby is here!  I haven’t gotten to see him in the hat yet, but here is a pic of him with the proud grandmother:

grandmother & baby

First grandbaby

Now on to the noms!  Over the weekend the boyfriend & I tried a new recipe I had pinned, the apple oven pancake from About.com’s Southern food section.

apple oven pancake finished


It was easy to make.  The hardest part was slicing the apples, & he did that.  He also made the batter.  This is pretty much what I did:

apple oven pancake 2 OOAK

I coated the apple slices with the sugar & cinnamon. The best coated apples EVER! My boyfriend said so.

Since that was my part, it’s the only in-progress pic I got.  The recipe was easy & straight forward: coat the apples, put them in the dish, mix the batter, pour it over the apples, & bake until bubbly & brown.  Then eat.

The recipe recommends topping with syrup or powdered sugar.  I tried it with a little syrup & was pleased.  I also had some with a dollop of plain yogurt, which I highly recommend.  Try vanilla if you don’t care for plain, but I like the tang of plain.  However, this pancake certainly doesn’t need any toppings.

The recipe calls for tart apples.  We used Jonagold for their mix of sweet & tart, & recommendation for baking, excellent choice.

The only other note I have about the recipe is something you will figure out if you try it, & was pointed out in the reviews, it skips a step.  For the batter you mix the wet, you mix the dry, then it goes right to pouring the batter over the apples.  There is no step to mix the wet & dry ingredients together. >_<  Not hard to figure out though.

Even though this is called a pancake, it tastes more like french toast.  It has that eggy flavor.