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I’m moving!  I had ordered a white bookcase to go in my yellow room, but it now resides in a rental standard white room.  Boring.  I plan to repaint the bedroom furniture, so once I decided on a color I thought the inside back of my bookcase would be a perfect place to start.  It makes the bookshelf stand out, plus gives me a real taste of the color in the room.

A small white bookcase with the inside back painted french gray.

The bookshelf is just your basic cheap, white bookcase & the paint is Glidden’s French Grey.  I bought the sampler bottle for about $2.50 & painted it with a foam brush.  It hadn’t been assembled yet, so it was super easy to paint.

I did this in a previous apartment, so I knew what an impact it would have. I lined one wall with three tall bookcases.  The room was painted a pale blue, so I used white bookcases & bright pink paint.  I loved the look.  They gave the room a lot of personality.  I’ve seen this done in simple patterns, or you could use some paper or fabric.  Depending on what you plan to do with the shelves, I suggest keeping the pattern simple or the colors light.  You wouldn’t want your displays competing with the background for attention.

I love the color so much more seeing it in the room.  Waiting for time, weather, money, & motivation to come together to get the bedroom furniture painted.  But soon, soon…