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Hurray! I finished a new project & actually got pics of it.  I have needed a way to organize & display my jewelry so I will actually wear more of it.

Chicken Coop Hanging Jewelry Holder with jewelry

Chicken Coop Hanging Jewelry Holder

I made it entirely out of things I had around the house, so it was FREE 😀  The only thing I did buy was some Krylon Crystal Clear Clear Gloss.  I used rusted nails for the hooks, & didn’t want the rust to transfer onto my jewelry. (Excuse the less than stellar pics.  My camera battery was dead, so I used my phone.)

I used a wood plaque(leftover from an abandoned project), hex wire(leftover from another abandoned project… there’s a pattern here), some glittery pink paint, rusty nails, white glue, & some scrapbook paper with chickens on it.

I started out painting it with two coats of the glittery pink paint, but when I was trying the wire over it to get the size right I remembered I had some chicken print paper & thought that would be adorbs.  So I then cut the paper to fit the top of the plaque, spread white glue over the area, & then laid down the paper.

I would have painted the edges to match, but I didn’t have anything I liked & really, when is glittery pink paint ever not appropriate?

Detail of the chicken print

Detail of the chicken print

After cutting the wire to size (a little bigger than the top making sure to leave some  of the twist on the ends so it stays intact. Tip: a few of them did come untwisted, but I used a pair of pliers to twist them back together.), I tacked down the sides with a staple gun & wrapped the extra length around the edges.

I painted the nails & the plaque with the clear gloss to seal them, then hammered four nails across the bottom & one in each corner at the top.

Detail of the rusted nails

Detail of the rusted nails

I stapled two can tabs to the back for hanging.

Detail of the poptop rings on the back

Detail of the can tabs on the back

Voila!  I love the way it turned out & couldn’t have bought anything better.

Finished chicken coop hanging jewelry holder

Finished chicken coop hanging jewelry holder