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Okay, still trying to get back into the crafting mood.  I’ve been keeping busy working on my novel, training for my half marathon, & the eternal trying to catch up around the house.  (Am I the only person who finds this impossible?  I miss living alone & having only my own messes to clean up.)

So, in the spirit of putting my feet to the fire to get things done, here are the projects I plan to do this week:

1.  Crochet an ewok!  My neice asked me to crochet her an ewok with a red cape for her birthday.  Her birthday was a few weeks ago & I haven’t even started it:~/  I just haven’t been able to get myself motivated to do any crafting in months.  Anyone else have that problem?

I found a cute free pattern on Ravelry.  It is made with sport weight yarn, & I play to use worsted weight to make it bigger.  I bought dolls eyes for it & it’ll be my first time using those.  Learning new stuff!

Wicket the Ewok on Ravelry

Wicket the Ewok by Lucy Ravenscar on Ravelry

2. Make a car clicker fob for my Dad.  I broke the ring that holds it on the key chain off his & so far none of my attempts to reattach it have worked.  I bought some clear, thin vinyl & University of Alabama patterned fabric for it.  I already have snaps, so I am going to create a pattern for his clicker to make a holder that will snap over the ring for the key chain.  That should be fun.  I finally got my sewing machine out of storage, but haven’t used it yet, though I’m not sure this will be big enough to use the machine.  I’m not even sure I remember how to use it.

3.  Make an armband for running.  I need something that will hold my phone, mp3 player, & a few small things like my car key & ID.  The mp3 player is small & will clip on, so it doesn’t need to be very big.  I use a run tracker on my phone, so need that (plus you know, safety, & naturally I catch up on texts & fb during my cool down walk because I’m obsessed like that).  It would be easier if I just used the mp3 player on my phone, but I am very attached to my little orange mp3 player.

I have a few patterns pinned, plus I have something similar in a book, so I’m not sure if I’ll use an established pattern or just wing it.  Most likely I’ll end up doing a hybrid.  Since I don’t sew a lot, it’s helpful to be able to piggy-back off of someone else’s experience.  Here are the two I have pinned.  The first one is closest to what I want.  Oh, & I now I happen to have the vinyl:D

Source: favecrafts.com via Joy on Pinterest

Source: makeit-loveit.com via Joy on Pinterest

4.  Make a pouch for my phone.  I think I’m going to try crocheting one with a ribbed ripple stitch.  I’ll have to dig through my stash & see what colors I have.  This is pretty basic, so I’ll just be winging my own pattern.

That’s my week.  The ewok & the clicker fob are the two most important ones.  I really need to get that ewok done.  (I did buy her a gift though, so I had something to give her at her birthday party.)

My niece at her 8th birthday party.

My niece at her 8th birthday party.

Anyone else have crafting plans for the week?