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One of a Kindness

Since I built a light box the new items I am adding have better pictures than my previous listings. I’m also punching up my listings. I don’t want to go back & update the old listings, so I marked them all 50% for 24hrs. Until Fri @ 10pm CST all my current listings are half off. Plus, if you use the coupon code IMLAZY you can get free shipping, US only.

I photographed the process of making a collapsible light box entirely from items on hand, so it was free.  I’ll be posting that tomorrow.

I also made some turnip green gnocchi for lunch, which was a delicious experiment, & will be posting about that soon.

Plus, the new earrings I’m in the middle of listing right now.  And another Pinterest inspired project or two.  Oh, & a DIY version of a cool product I saw in a magazine.  I have more ideas than energy/time!