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I finally made my first treasury.

And my second.

And my third.

I’m learning as I go, & I seem to find things in one treasury that won’t work for that theme, but inspire another.

Here are the three I have made so far.  I spent much longer on tonight’s than the other two, but I was specifically looking for items that had not been featured yet & especially from smaller sellers.

The first: Alabama Summertime
Summer theme featuring Alabama sellers
The theme was built around some of my earrings before I realized you’re not supposed to include your own items.  Oops.  I decided to go ahead & use them because I had built the treasury around them, & I find myself become less flexible as I get older, but I did put them last.  After it was published, I noticed I also used the same seller twice.  She is one of my teammates, so I picked her shop that way.  I didn’t realize it was the same shop when another of her items came up in a general search for summer themed items from Alabama sellers.  Since my noob was showing in this one, I had to make another one fast to redeem myself.

Never Too Old For Cartoons
Some of my favorite cartoons, because being a grown up is overrated.
This one was inspired by another teammate who makes Pokemon jewelry.

Unsung She-roes
Bad ass women who haven’t been featured before.
This treasury was sparked by the She-ra & Teela magnets I used in the cartoon treasury.

I should go back to work now…  I have several pairs of earrings that need to be listed, & more stuff to be made.  I’m like a raccoon with a shiny object, easily distracted & frequently trapped.