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So I have been thinking about doing a craft video, but was iffy about getting started.

Watching myself & hearing my own voice? -_- blah.  Plus, all I have is the built in webcam on my laptop & my digital camera shoots video, but I worried about the sound on it.  (Turns out it’s pretty good.)

Monday on the CrafterMind’s tweet chat we discussed videos, so it seemed the right time to bite the bullet.  I decided rather than jumping into a demonstration video, it would be easier to start with a product review.  I decided to go with the Darice Craft Caddy, because I own it & have been using it for a couple of years.

I had a lot of fun making my video review & I hope you enjoy it!

One of a Kindness – my first video!

Hopefully you enjoyed it, or at least saw the potential of it. Watching/listening to myself in the video wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected.  At the bottom of this post, behind the cut (if you’re reading from the home page), I have added a transcription.

I ended up using both the laptop & the digital camera for shooting.  I used the laptop as the main & the digi cam for a side view.  In the future I think I will use the digi cam as my main & I don’t know if I’ll use the laptop.  I do like being able to watch myself as I’m shooting though.  I may still use it, but differently.

Anyhoo, here are some things I learned:

  • The main thing I will do differently next time is shoot my video in segments rather than one long shot.  I tried editing it down more, but the cuts were not very smooth.  This also kept me from using alternate shots.  Breaking it into smaller sections will make it easier to cut parts out & to add in shots from other takes.  I really would have liked for it to be about 5mins shorter at least.
  • It definitely pays to have your notes printed in clear, well organized text taped up by the camera so if you have to look at them you aren’t looking away.
  • Some good advice for lighting from the chat – shoot during the day, near a window of you can, & a good light bounced off some white poster board works nicely.  I wish I had had another light when I shot mine.
  • Don’t undervalue test shots.  I took cell pics while I was getting ready so I could see how things would look on camera.  I took more pics when I was checking for shadows.  I used my model head on a stand where I planned to sit to check the light.
  • Set dressing & declutter your shot.  I decided for the second day I would be more comfortable sitting in my usual crafting chair.  Unfortunately it’s a hideous, yet very comfortable, chair from the 70’s, & in an ugly corner.  I found the best softly colored sheet I had & hung it over the wall behind me (after running it through the dryer to knock out the wrinkles & draped a quilt over the chair.  The sheet had a medium pink & white flower pattern on it & the quilt had a small pink & white floral design on it, so I thought they worked well together.  The sheet had to go around a corner & over a sconce, so it didn’t hang perfectly, but on film it read like a curtain, especially at the window. I cleared my craft stacks from around the chair & dressed the top of the shelf next to it with craft books & related items.  The test shots showed you could still see the clutter on the lower shelves, so I cleaned them up too.
  • Be comfortable & be yourself.  However goofy, twangy, rambling, or, god forbid, even boring, my video might be, my personality came through.  I was far more comfortable in front of the camera than I thought I would be.  It’s painful to watch someone uncomfortable with what they are doing, and the discomfort of seeing/hearing yourself in the video is very short-lived once you actually start (at least it was for me).  When you are a one woman production crew, you are too busy worrying about lighting & editing to be worried about fat rolls & eye bags.
  • Give yourself permission to be imperfect.  Isn’t that what the first time is all about?  Making mistakes & moving forward smarter.

I would love to hear what you think about my first effort:)

Have you made a video?  If so, how was it?  What did you learn?  Any suggestions for my next video?  If you haven’t made a video, have you thought about it?  What sort of video would like to make?  What’s stopping you?

Transcription below:Title Frame: One of  Kindness Presents…
Title Frame: Darice Craft Caddy: a video review

“Hi, I’m Joy from One of a Kindness.  And I decided to shoot my first video. [caption: (So be nice.)]

I thought  that for a first video it would be easiest to just review I product that I have.  It’s an older product, I’ve had for a couple of years & been using it, so it’s not the hottest & it’s not going to be the most relevant product because it’s very hard to find.  But, I have a very strong opinion about this product, so I thought – that’s perfect.  So here we go.

Today I’m going to be reviewing – this is the Darice Craft Caddy storage container.  Like I said, I bought mine a couple of years ago, I bought it at Walmart.  They don’t have it any more.  They used to have it at Michael’s too, I saw it there, but as far as I know they don’t have it.  The only place, & I’ve checked online, that I could find it is it’s on Ebay, someone has several new ones for sale, as well as Amazon.com has this available as part of a beginner’s beading package.  It comes full of beads & supplies.

Now, this is all plastic.  It has five of these little boxes on the outside that snap off – & we’ll talk more about that later.  It has this clear lid so you can see an inside tray that sits here <removes tray & holds it to the camera>.  It’s about an inch deep & has six different compartments on it. <sits the tray down>

Now there’s an interior here that is about 4&1/2inches tall & about 4inches across, now that’s corner to corner, you lose a little space for the pockets on each side.  <picks up the tray & puts it back in the caddy> The top tray I already mentioned, six compartments & about an inch deep.  Now here’s this lid & the lid just slips on there, & that’s another thing we’re going to talk about.

And then you have these five compartments which are 4&1/2inches long, about 2&5/8inches wide, & just short of 1inch deep.  Now, these containers have double snaps here <turns caddy on its side & unlatches side box lid> to close, & again like I said it’s all plastic. <closes box>  They’re hinged – plastic hinges. [caption: Plastic.]  And they have this little tab here so, I guess, in theory, you could hang it up. [caption: Because, can you ever hear that word enough?]

So that’s the basics.  Oh – overall, it’s 6inches tall & 7inches wide including the boxes.

So, the good things & the reasons I bought it were, One, it was cheap, & that’s always a good thing; unless you’re getting a sh… uh, poorly constructed product. [caption: No, I didn’t almost say that (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)]  And it has lots of all these little compartments, & they’re clear so you can see what’s going on.  I really like that.  And, It’s very portable.  So it’s a great little grab-n-go if you don’t have one place to set up & have your stuff & do all your work.  If you’re like me, & it’s just pulling it out where you can get it & putting it back when you’re done – or eventually – then this is really great for that.

Now, for the what I don’t like about it.  For one, as I mentioned before, this lid, it just slips on & off. <removes & replaces lid a couple of times>  I mean, there’s kind of a snap to it, <removes lid & puts it back on> you can here the snap, but it’s really easy to not put it on entirely if you’re not paying attention, & then it is really easy for – oh say, a cat [captions: Who? Me-ow? =^..^=] to knock it over & spill your beads everywhere.  If you have cats you know what I’m talking about.

Also, these little boxes, they have – you can’t really see it, but they have these little plastic lips on the inside of the top & bottom parts that slide down inside the box, in theory, but in reality they don’t entirely want to do that so they’ll leave little gaps when they close. [captions: MIND THE GAP!]  And it’s really, you know, if you’re really on top of things &  paying attention, you can put that extra effort into making sure they go down, but if you have to do that every time you open & close one of these little boxes it’s annoying, & it’s very easy to forget, because like I said they’re tiny little cracks.  And if you’ve got big beads like these <points towards a box of large beads> it’s a non-issue, but when you’ve got little findings like I have here <points to another box> or I have seed beads over here <points to that box> then they are all the time slipping out, eye pins, crimp tubes, my little seed beads – all the time falling out.  That’s an issue.

As well as, my main issue with this is, it is a pain to get these little boxes off.  I did not try to get these off when I bought this.  I saw it in the store & I said, “Oh, those little boxes are removable.  That’s great.”  But then when I got it home, I could not get the little boxes to come off, & I thought, “Clearly, I have misunderstood this product, & these boxes are not removable.”  It wasn’t for probably a year that I had it before I actually managed to get one of these little boxes off because I became determined these boxes come off & I’m going to get these boxes to come off. [caption: YEAH!]  So… I did, & it was a process.  And still, like I said, I have had it for a couple of years & I hardly ever take them off because it is such a pain.

The other night I was working with seed beads, & I decided that I… it would just be easier… because, if you want to use it without taking them off you have to turn it on its side, open it up, & get what you need, & it’s just not convenient to leave it sitting open, so I was determined I was going to get this thing off.  So, I went & I couldn’t get it to come off, & I had to force it… <cat walks across the screen> & this is the cat who likes to knock off the beads… I broke two fingernails trying to get this thing off.  Now, I don’t have very long nails to begin with, so when I break a nail it’s all the way off.  So, it was very painful & I have tell you, I cried a little when it happened because it hurt a lot. [caption: :`( ]


Okay, [caption: There was wrestling in the skip.] <attempting to get a box off> you’ve got to push up on it from the bottom. <struggle till it comes off>  [caption: (I loosened it…)]  Now, I’ve been practicing like I said, & it’s coming off easier, but it’s still a pain.  It’s still harder than I think it has to be to get it off.  And also when you’re trying to get it off, you may have noticed earlier that I accidentally slipped the lid off, so it’s a little too easy to get the lid off.

Overall, I’m not sad that I purchased it. [caption: Maybe just a little when I was crying.]  I wish that the boxes were easier to get on & off, mainly.  I wish maybe this lid was a little secure.  But mostly, I wish the boxes closed better because I hate finding eye pins & jump rings & crimp tubes & seed beads laying everywhere [caption: I never want to hear myself say “crimp tubes” or “seed beads” again.], because it’s a mess & it’s a waste of money.

So, those are the two things, the little boxes are my main complaint.  But I paid, I think I paid $5 for this, so I’m not going to complain too loudly about it.  It’s a decent product, it’s just it takes some practice to work with those boxes to get them on & off.

Well, that’s it.  I hope you enjoyed my first video, & I thank you for watching.

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FINAL FRAME: This video was shot 5-18-2012