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For anyone who uses GIMP (a free alternative to Photoshop), I just whipped up a pattern made from a white single crochet swatch.  Make it any color you like. Examples of the crochet pattern with fonts.

For the 1st & 3rd lines, I used a 100×100 scale of the image for my pattern & colored it pink. (The first font is Janda Curlygirl Pop by Kimberly Geswein.)

For 2nd & 4th lines, I used the pattern at its original 500×500 size.  The bottom is the original white & the 2nd was colored a dark pink.

I’m posting the original & more information on how to use this behind the cut.

Here is the original image I used for the pattern

white single crochet swatch

(I *ahem* borrowed this image from About.com’s crochet page.  It’s possible I’m going to hell, but this is offered freely & the image will be transformed into something else, so hopefully they’ll go easy on me.  You could also take a picture of your own work if you’d like & use that.)

As mentioned above, this is a 500×500 pixel image.  Just save this wherever you like.  You can save it right into your patterns folder now just the way it is if you like.  GIMP 2.0 can use several file types, including jpg as patterns.  If you aren’t using 2.0, upgrade!

I recommend opening a new file in GIMP, 100×100 pixels (or whatever size you want to tile).  Then open this image as a layer, & scale it to fit your box.  When you scale, make sure you lock the height & width to keep them even.  Make the image a little wider on all sides than your box to avoid any blank spots around the edges.  Now save.  You can keep it either as a .jpg or save it as the traditional GIMP pattern file type .pat.  I’ve done both & haven’t noticed any difference in image quality.

Here is the GIMP manual on making patterns.  The manual isn’t incredibly helpful, but it might make some things more clear.

Here is where I found my pattern file: Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (86) > GIMP – 2.0 >  Share > GIMP > 2.0 > patterns

To color your pattern, with the image open in GIMP go to Image > Duplicate.  Now you don’t have to worry about ruining your original image!  On your duplicate image go to Color > Colorize…  You’ll get a box of slide bars with a presets box at the top.  Just adjust the sliders till you get the color you want.  When you’re done you can save the color as a preset so you can always have the same color if you need it.  Just click the blue plus sign to the right of the presets box, then give your preset a name.

Now save your image.  Use ‘Save As’ & give it a distinct name.  Make sure you are saving it to your patterns folder.  With GIMP open, go to Windows > Layers, Channels, Paths, Undo.  The bottom box will be your patterns, at the very bottom of that you’ll see two arrows curled up yin-yang style.  Click that to refresh your pattern options & load the new ones.  Voila!

Hopefully you found this useful & easy to understand.  If anything is not clear, let me know!  I’ll answer any questions I can, but I am by no means an expert at GIMP.  I’m just proficient at Google, lol.