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Well, it’s a drawing.  Does that count as a contest?  Either way I thought ‘contest’ made a better title.

Drawing Prizes Teaser


I currently have 78 likes on my Facebook page, & when I reach 100 I will be having a drawing for my Facebook fans.

Right now I have 92 followers on Twitter, & when I hit 100 there I will have another drawing on Twitter.

The prize packages will include your choice of custom earrings from my shop (the ones in the pic are new ones I don’t have listed yet, but will soon), one of my triple headbands with the braided ties in your choice of colors, a t-shirt designed just for this drawing, a gift certificate to my shop, & whatever other random goodies I can shove in the box.

I’ll be announcing the details for each drawing when that site hits the triple digits.


Like me on Facebook

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Both gets you two chances to win!