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We like eggs.  A lot.  I also like pickled beets a good deal.  So naturally when I found this recipe, my interest was piqued.

With just a few simple ingredients & nothing more complicated than boiling involved, I was sold!

With justPennsylvania Dutch red beet eggs from eHow

  • Eggs
  • Canned beets with juice
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Apple cider vinegar

They got this:

With those same ingredients, at the minimum time of two days, I got:

My Pennsylvania Dutch red beet eggs

Clearly I have the superior eggs.  Look at that color!  A Facebook friend called them “blood eggs”.

They were easy & tasty, & I will definitely make them again. The sugar & apple cider vinegar added to the beet juice neutralized the earthy flavor of the beets & gave just a hint of sweet to the beets & eggs. I found another recipe, more savory – read more ingredients & stuff I’ll never use again so blah – that had sliced onions in it. That sounds interesting (the addition of onions, not the other herbs & spices I’ll spend too much money on & never use again).

Here is another link to the eHow recipe I used, just in case you missed this other two links & now you’re hungry: How to Make Pennsylvania Dutch Red Beet Eggs.