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Today’s project was short & sweet.  I had found the idea of making a hanging laundry hamper out of a pillowcase on Pinterest a few weeks ago, & today I finally rummaged around & found a suitable old pillowcase.

Here is the original idea at MarthaStewart.com.

Here is my version:

Pillowcase + boxy wire hanger = hanging hamper!

Martha used a 14in embroidery hoop to hold hers open, but I didn’t have that.  What I did have was a big, boxy old wire hanger.  So I used a pair of pliers to wrestle the top of the hanger open, made a snip in the pillowcase, near the inside top of the “back” side, then ran the hanger through the pillowcase’s hem.

The only problem was the seamed side was sewn through, so I had to make a couple of extra clips, one on each side of the seam on the inside again, then threaded the wire through those two holes.  If I had my sewing machine with me, I would have maybe done a buttonhole for the slits, but I don’t know if I could have done one without sewing through both layers of the casing.  Some sort of finishing would be nice though, so I might go back to it with some fabric glue or something.

But anyway, ta-dah!  Hope you enjoyed it.