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Here are just a quick couple of things I thought might be useful ideas for box tops & swizzle sticks.

Small box top flaps make good starters for yarn balls, especially the slot side of the tab closing boxes.  (Does that make sense?  I feel I lack the appropriate vocabulary for discussing box tops.)  It can be done with any cardboard, but those bits of flap require the least amount of effort to be useful.

A wholly unnecessary photo tutorial on how to turn box top flaps into yarn winders:

Step 1. Collect your box top flaps with the slits in them.Step 2. Trim the flaps to size.(Oops!  I started adding the steps on this one, & after I changed my mind about the font on the next one, it wouldn’t let me change this one.)Step 3. Nip off the flap corners so the yarn will lie flat when you wrap it on the diagonal.Step 4. Slip the end of your yarn into the flap's slit.Step 5. Wind your yarn.  You can also cut small notches in the corners to hold the yarn in place as your starting to shape the ball.(The bottom line of instructional text didn’t come out very well when I downsized the photos, but it says you can cut small notches in the corners to help hold the yarn in place when you start wrapping diagonally to shape the ball.  Or something like that.)

And now for my new hair sticks!

I found these swizzle sticks at the local super store by the beverages:

50ct swizzle sticks in red, blue, yellow, & green.I loved the bright colors & it was a bag of 50 for $1.78.  I thought they would make pretty hair sticks.  I haven’t attempted any embellishments yet, but I’m sure you could with an adhesive or paint safe on plastics.

My hair held up with a blue swizzle stick.

They are about 6&1/4 inches long, not counting the little ball at the top, & you can see they are flat with rounded ends unlike the typical hair stick.  They are also more flexible than most hair sticks.  It takes a little getting used to, but they work great. I appreciate not having a sharp end to jab into my scalp personally.

I am not the queen of hair sticks, or hair in general, but I’ve worn them comfortably for hours without feeling like my hair is going to fall.  That’s unusual for me because I usually end up with them so tight it feels like a wind-up face lift, or so loose my hair is falling down within the hour.

Well, that’s it!  Hope you left a little smarter than when you came in:)