I have been busy with custom work offline, & haven’t done much with my shops so I put my Etsy on vacation.  I’ve also been approached about some whole sale work for a local shop, so that factors in as well.

To that end I’m making some changes here & will be setting up a page for on-hand items for sale as well as information for custom orders.


Free Printable Thread Bobbins!


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I working on some more crochet jewelry now, so I’m back on the thread.  I was looking for a way to corral the open hanks & found Lazy May’s adorable printable floss bobbins.


Why didn’t I see the typo before I finished the photo?

I printed mine on card stock & colored them before cutting them out.  I love them!  I would prefer if the paper was a bit heavier, but this works.

Free Crochet Pattern: Mother’s Day Carnation


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Since it’s Mother’s Day (happy day to all the mothers), I thought I would share my carnation pattern.  I made pins out of these, but they could be used for all sorts of things; barrettes, headbands, bracelets, & bouquets, just for starters.

carnation pins (5)Caron’s Simply Soft (Harvest Red shown) & an F hook
gave me about a 2in flower.  For a 3in flower, I used Red Heart Super Saver
& an H hook

Crochet Carnation

  1. ch 4, join
  2. *SC, ch 4* x 8 in the circle, join to the top of the first SC; 8 loops
  3. ch 4, *DC, ch2* x 4 in ch 4 space of the previous row, [*Dc, ch 2* x 5] in each ch 4 space around, sl st in beginning ch 4 space; 40 DC, ch 2 (incl initial ch 4)
  4. ch 4, *DC, ch2* x 4 in ch 2 space of the previous row, [*Dc, ch 2* x 5] in each ch 2 space around, sl st in beginning ch 4 space; 200 DC, ch 2 (incl initial ch 4)

I appreciate any feedback on my patterns, so please leave any comments or questions below.  This was my initial version, but I did make some changes as I went along.  I didn’t get all of those changes on paper so some of this is taken from memory & looking over the last flowers I made.  Hopefully I got everything straight & it makes sense!

The links above are Amazon Associate links, so if you purchase anything after clicking through one of them I get a few pennies. ka-ching!

Quick Tip: Keep Wrapping Paper Neat


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04.26.2014 wrapping paper cuff OOAK

I don’t know where I first saw this, so I don’t know who to credit for it, but it was one of those things I can’t believe I never thought of!

Cut open an empty toilet paper roll & use it to keep your wrapping paper (whatever the paper) from unrolling.  This works best laying down since it loosened a little & fell to the bottom of this roll I had standing up in the closet.  That would be easy to fix with a bit of tape or a rubber band.  Either way, the roll protects the paper.

Bonus tip! I just found this & love the idea.  Use empty toilet paper & paper towel rolls as labels for shelving.

Featured in Happily Hooked Crochet Magazine | Crochet Concupiscence


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Featured in Happily Hooked Crochet Magazine — Crochet Concupiscence

Kathryn Vercillo at Crochet Concupiscence, author of Crochet Saved My Life, is featured in the premiere issue of the new digital crochet magazine, Happily Hooked.  She talks about her experiences with crochet’s benefits beyond hats & scarves.  This is the beginning of a regular column on the health benefits of crochet.

She has the first page of her interview on her site, & the other two pages are available in the issue.  Luckily, you can get the first two issues of Happily Hooked for free if you sign up now.

We’re all A Little Mad: Crochet Mini Top Hat Pattern


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We’re all A Little Mad: Crochet Mini Top Hat Pattern

Look at these adorable mini top hats from Millie On Her World!  She has the pattern for both hats on her blog.

Mother’s Day Carnation Pins


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carnation pins (4)

I’m making crochet carnation pins for Mother’s Day. The traditional options are red, pink, & white. Red & pink if your mother is still living, & white if she is deceased. They are approx 2.5″ wide with pin backs, & each one has a heart in the center.

They are $9, plus $3 to ship in the US. I can also ship internationally.

Email my address – OneofaKindness –  to order. It would be super if you used the subject “carnation pins” so it’s easier to keep track of the orders. Thanks!

Email me!

carnation pins (2) carnation pins (3)carnation pins (5) carnation pins (6)

make a flower corsage – a free pattern | Made with Loops


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make a flower corsage – a free pattern | Made with Loops

I’m not much of a brooch wearer, but I could see making an exception for this.  Better yet, I could see it as a hair comb, something I would get a lot more use out of.


Baby Kisses-Crochet Baby Hat-Free Pattern | Cats Rockin Crochet-Free Crochet Patterns


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Baby Kisses-Crochet Baby Hat-Free Pattern | Cats Rockin Crochet-Free Crochet Patterns

I like the interesting ‘X’ design in this hat.

Repeat Crafter Me: Crochet Flower Bouquet


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Repeat Crafter Me: Crochet Flower Bouquet

A lovely springtime crochet bouquet.